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Will my pup miss me when I’m gone?

Many clients that bring their pups to camp at Alpine Dog Ranch ask me if their dogs will miss them or will their dogs get homesick while they are away. Some dogs pine and whine a little at the gate when their family leaves but once they hit the trail and meet all their new…
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Watch out for grapes or raisins!

One of our regular guests at Alpine Dog Ranch recently suffered kidney failure for eating raisins. Apparently raisins or grapes are very poisonous to dogs! So I guess pups should not be given chocolate raisin bars for treats! If a dog does get hold of a box of raisins, treat it like they just ate…
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Pups need to be socialized !

Over the past 10 years training dogs at Alpine Dog Ranch I have seen many severe cases of dogs suffering from antisocial behavior. This behavior gets worse as pups mature and can lead to very grumpy and aggressive older dogs. It is easily avoided if dogs are socialized in their first six months of life.…
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Dealing with the testy adolescent years!

Since Alpine Dog Ranch offers dog training and boot camps up in the mountains I get alot of cries for help from dog owners who are struggling with their dogs who show aggressive behavior towards other dogs. Aah, the good old dog fight. There is nothing more unnerving and scarry than finding oneself in the…
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